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The Senior Standing program at the Cape May County Technical School will be offered on Wednesday evenings only and is set to begin on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 6:00 pm.  Senior standing is for seniors needing up to ten credits of course work, which could not be accommodated in their daytime schedule.

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1. Students must have the application form completed and returned to the home district in order to receive a Senior Standing schedule. See below for the application form:

188 Crest Haven Road
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210
“Senior Standing” Application/Contract Form
(This form must be received by the Technical School District Superintendent by November 15 of the current school year)
Student Name_________________________________________________________________________________
                                    Last                                          First                                         Middle Initial
                        Street                                       City                                          State                 Zip
Age____________ Date of Birth_________________ Phone__________________________________________
                                    Name                                       Address                                               Phone
Number of credits required from the Cape May County Technical School District’s Adult High School for graduation____________________________ (Note: 10 credits maximum)
Title of course(s) requested for this student and number of credits (Note: 2 – five credit courses maximum)
Note: Does this student have a current IEP?  Yes        No (please check one)
IEP information requested when applicable
Reason for requesting to take this course through the Technical School District’s Adult High School Division: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
Student-Parent Guardian Agreement:
  1. As part of the enrollment process, the student will meet with the Cape May County Technical School District’s Adult High School Director upon entering to review the school’s procedures and address any questions which the student may have regarding the program.
  2. We are aware that the Technical School District has instituted a $25.00 registration fee for senior standing students, which will be made payable online via our website,
  3. The student-parent/guardian is responsible for transportation to and from the Cape May County Technical School District’s Adult High School facility.
  4. The student will be expected to adhere to all discipline standards, attendance requirements and other administrative regulations of the Cape May County Technical School District’s Adult High School while enrolled.
  5. Any Senior Standing student withdrawn for non-compliance with attendance requirements or other administrative regulations will not be enrolled during the current school year.
  6. Evidence of successful course completion for a senior standing student will be the same as expected for all other Cape May County Technical School District’s Adult High School students.
  7. The credit verification forms signed by the teacher of completed course must be submitted to the Cape May County Technical School District’s Adult High School Director by May 15, 2018
_______________________________________                  ________________________
Student Signature                                                                     Date
_______________________________________                  ________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                                                       Date
As the Guidance Counselor and Building Administrator for the senior student identified on this form (in need of credits to graduate this school year), we are recommending “Senior Standing” course enrollment in the Technical School’s Adult Evening High School program, to the Superintendent.
Name of Sending School District______________________________________________________________
Guidance Counselor (Sending District) _________________________________________________________
                                                               Please Print Name                                                     Date
Guidance Counselor’s Signature______________________________________________________________
Principal’s Signature (Sending District) ________________________________________________________
As the Superintendent of this school district, I am requesting that this student be accepted by the Cape May County Technical School District into the Adult Evening High School program as a Senior Standing Student.
Superintendent Signature (Sending District)                                                                             Date
As the Superintendent of the Cape May County Technical School District, I approve the enrollment of the above-mention student as a Senior Standing student in our district’s Adult Evening High School program.
________________________________________________________________________________________Superintendent, Technical School District                                                                                 Date
________________________________________________________________________________________Director, Technical School District’s Adult High School                                                            Date                
For Office Use Only
Registration Fee $ 25.00 (Payable online)
Fee Paid         Credit/Debit________
Staff Signature_______________________________        Date___________

2. Use the link below to register and pay.

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